How To Play

(I) How To Play:-


1. joining link will be closed 30:00 minute before the Quiz

   you can join 30:00 before of the starting quiz.

2. Choos Fees Ciriteria and pay The Joining Fees then your

    joining is confirmed please wait for the quiz.


3. If quiz countdown is zero you need to refresh your Windows

    or browser to start play otherwise your time is over and you

    can't play.


4. You have only 200 seconds for 20 questions if your time is

    zero your quiz is auto submit.


5. Please during submit the quiz enter your email correctly

    otherwise your quiz not found in list and your entry got illegal.


6. If your entry got illegal we have no policy to return your fund. during 

    submitting your quiz please enter correct email otherwise your entry got



7.after submit please wait for result aprox 1-2 hours.

(II) How to entry in multiple fees criteria:-

  If you want to join different criteria paid contest 10Rs,20Rs 50 rupees at

  the time, You need to click only the join button and pay the fees then

  wait for start the quiz you need to play only one quiz and your quiz is

  submitted for all criteria if you join 10Rs, 20Rs, contest only you need to

  play one quiz of the contest and then your quiz is submitted for AII

  criteria. Result Will Be Show In All criteria.



1. Every Questions Has 10 Points.

2. Every Wrong Answers Has Nagative Points.

3.   Wrong Answer                          Nagative Mark

             One                          =               3 Points

             Two                          =            10 Points

             Three                       =            15 Points

             Four                         =             20 Points

             Five                          =             25 Points

             Six                            =             30 Points

             Seven                     =             35 Points

             Eight                       =              40 Points

             Nine                        =              50 Points

             Ten                          =              60 Points

             More Than 10     =              No. Of Wrong 

                                                               Answer x 30

4. Top Rankers Are Winners According  To Quize.